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Just few easy steps 

matching them correctly.

1.Remove the bolt need to be matched with.

2.Print out the “CHECKING FORM” by downloading the file as below

3.Utilizing the vernier caliper and thread gauge to measure all the info

   needed in the “checking form”.


4.Matching the proper bolt from PROTI universal section by utilizing

   the data in the “checking form”.


Reminders while measuring:




 One at a time in order to avoid any

mistakes during mounting.



Application of thread-locker

and anti-seize

Please follow your bike’s owner manual for any advises and noted that there is no need to apply further application on it when it comes a thread-locker already of your purchased PROTI bolt.

We suggest applying anti-seize on thread over M8 and above due to its material is different in most part of your bike.


Suggestions of torqueing

The material between your stock bolt and PROTI is huge different in its strength and weight; therefore we suggest torqueing them with the 85% volume of your bike’s instruction requests, especially to the larger dimension such as M10, M12 in caliper.

For example: If the caliper bolt from manufacturer is 45Nm, then the proper torque 85% of it is 38Nm.


In smaller dimension of bolt such as M3 to M8, we suggest following your bike’s instruction while torqueing, please be noted do not excess its max torque volume.

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