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The major members of PROTI are not only experts of bolt but also a fan of big motorcycles. We dedicate ourselves to improve and develop the technique of fully forged 64Ti bolt for motorcycles; all in all for the purpose is to make your choice more valuable, because we understand how valuable the weight-off is to motorcycle fans.



By taking the strength advantage of 64Ti, our products are superior to stock ones, even including the weight and thinner structure of head. So far the weight of every piece from PROTI is only half than the stocks; the value of weight has been pushing to its maximum.

The defects of stock’s bolt such as persistently overheating causes the attenuation of material strength, naturally corroded and deformed under long-running could be improved once PROTI’s product been applied. Normally, owner’s manual book would instruct to apply new one after unscrewing from a certain part to maintain its original strength, and this is the perfect choice replacing them to PROTI’s.

PROTI’s FFR bolt will still remain its strength even under 500°C working temperature, never will be seized from humidity, salt, acid and deformed from heavy impact, therefore the fully forged 64Ti bolt is your best choice for your replacement.


Completely following the original stock dimension to perfectly fit your bike, please follow the instructed torque of your manual book and apply to loctile or anti-seize application if it is a necessity.

Most of the motorcycle manufactures don’t tend to use high quality bolt for their mass productions basically for the cost concern from bolt suppliers. Even the best tools might hurt the stock bolt after repeatedly unscrewing due to its poor tolerance. However we know it is a key point to offer high service quality to customer, therefore the unscrewing-durable TROX designed bolt becomes most of our basic product type; moreover, we highly ask the precision of every piece from our production line to reach the perfect tolerance even knowing it’s hard and highly cost matter to fully forge the 64Ti bolt, because we know it is a wonderful feeling for technicians doing their job on perfectly matching between tools and bolts, and that is also the purpose we produce every piece of it as well.

Our bolt is less stuck than the CNC made, but it is still happened once in a while in spite of its smooth and tough thread due to frequently mounting them on and off causing the thread of its mounting object slightly roughed. Therefore to avoid that problem, applying the anti-seize is a must.

Normally, the generally anti-seize is not properly suitable for titanium bolt, PROTI offers 2 types of anti-seize (click to see), one is in silver color especially for titanium to aluminum object; the other one is the Nano-Ceramic anti-seize (white color) which can be used for the muffler bolt or under any high temperature location due to its high temperature resistant ability.

However, it is a strong advice that any titanium bolt should be applied to the anti-seize except the loctile followed from your instruction or manual book to avoid bolt from stuck and loosing.


4 popular types of colour for option by anodizing, light gold, transforming blue, black Ti, and the original Titanium.



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